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$25,000 Barry Lane Jumper Classics, $5,000 Horseflight Welcome and $6,000 Arenus Jr/AO Jumpers Results Announced Nov 15, 2017

From:The Classic Company and Gulf Coast Classic Company <>
Subject:Jumper Action Wraps Up Week I of the Atlanta Fall Classic!
Preheader:$25,000 Barry Lane Jumper Classics, $5,000 Horseflight Welcome and $6,000 Arenus Jr/AO Jumpers Results Announced
USEF Premier (AA) Rated | USEF Jumper Level 4

Classic Company President Bob Bell and Awards Coordinator Drew Coster greet Avery Moore and Olympic Lad in the Olympic Arena after they won the $5,000 1.10 m Barry Lane Jumper Classic. Boy O Boy Bridleworks awarded a special belt.  [Photography credits:  Alison Hartwell Photography

For Immediate Release:  November 13, 2017 
[Conyers, Georgia]

The $25,000 Barry Lane Jumper Classic HUGE SUCCESS
Week I of the Atlanta Fall Classics welcomed big numbers to the annual $25,000 Barry Lane Junior Amateur Jumper Classic.

The highly popular competition spanned over three days and kicked off on Friday with the first installment of the Classic with the $5,000 Barry Lane Jumper Classic 1.10 m welcoming thirty five horse and rider teams to the Olympic arena.

Avery Moore of Buckhead, Georgia and Allen Korotkin Castlewood Farm's Olympic Lad took the blue ribbon and Cayman Szegda of Marietta, Georgia and her own Valotti VDL earned a second place ribbon. Maisie Mcswain of Gainesville, Georgia and her own Uppsala placed third.

Madison Akins of Bogart, Georgia piloted her own Chasm Z to a fourth place finish while Falcon Ridge Stables' Captivate, ridden by Caitlin Howie of Atlanta, finished in fifth.  Stephanie Cumming's Raphael IV, ridden by Austin Cumming of Madison, Georgia earned a sixth place ribbon and Lynn Seithel of Johns Island, South Carolina finished in seventh place with her own Jumping Jil Z.

Samuri Mec, owned and ridden by Grace Jordan of Marietta, Georgia, finished in eighth and Macie Atwood of Franklin, Tennessee, rode her won Ewsz Quinettato a ninth place finish. Josey Walker of Rome, Georgia and Quester De Virton, owned by Meredith Darst, LLC picked up tenth while Jordan returned for an eleventh place with Nicole Loochtan's Willem. Taylor Stier of Cornelius, North Carolina, wrapped up the class with a twelfth place finish aboard her own Ciacomina.
Classic Company President Bob Bell awards Cayman Szegda and Valotti VDL the blue ribbon and big check for their win in the $10,000 1.10 m Barry Lane Jumper Classic.  Susan Benson of Somerset Equestrian Trading presented Szegda an Art of Riding bridle bag. [Photo credit: Alison Hartwell Photography]

Saturday the second installment of the Barry Lane Classic 1.10 m, this time for $10,000 took place and fourteen year old Cayman Szegda, who finished second in Friday's $5,000 1.10 m Barry Lane Jumper Classic, bested the field of 46 horse and rider teams and took home the blue ribbon with her own Valotti VDL! She continued her momentum through the weekend and won the blue ribbon in Sunday's $10,000 1.15 m Barry Lane Jumper Classic, this time beating a field of thirty one horse and rider teams!

"I was just kind of going in it [Barry Lane Jumper Classics] to have fun. I really wanted to have fun with it," said Szegda. "The first day in the $5,000 1.10 m Classic, I wasn't expecting everyone to go so fast! I wasn't really thinking anything but to go in and have fun," she said. "The second and third day I could see what everyone was doing and how they were riding the course," she said. "I know my horse Velotti pretty well and she's always really hot and well, 'spicy'. She's a really forward ride and there's not a lot of leg happening..more of a 'whoa' than a 'go' sort of ride," she said. "She definitely has a lot of energy," she added.

Szegda and Valotti VDL turned in the fastest fault-free round in a time of 57.816 seconds, well within the 78 seconds time allowed and took the win. The next fastest, clear round behind Szegda was Christian Currey of Franklin, Tennessee and his own Vigaro who turned in a fault free round in 58.383 seconds. Annie Miller of Salt Lake County, Tennessee and her own HJ Dudinka earned a third place ribbon for their fault free round in a time of 59.597 seconds. Fourth was awarded to Annalice Weithofer of Maineville, Ohio and her own Photobomb for their fault free round in a time of 59.617 seconds. Fifth went to Stephanie Cumming's Raphael V, ridden by Austin Cumming of Madison, Georgia and sixth was awarded to Macie Atwood and her own Ewsz Quinetta. Grace Jordan received a seventh with her own Samuri Mec and Maria Roberts of Collierville, Tennessee and her own Qasqai placed eighth. Dasilva Investments' Zadermus, ridden by Salter Hydinger of Birmingham, Alabama, placed ninth and Braimer Road, LLC's Cativa, ridden by Hazel Taylor of Rising Fawn, Georgia, earned a tenth place finish. Helen, owned and ridden by Allison Ventura of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, placed eleventh and Tim Maddrix, LLC's Butterfly, ridden by Eleanor Thompson, wrapped the class up with twelfth place.
Bob Bell welcomes Cayman Szegda and Valotti VDL to the winner's circle in the $10,000 1.15 m Barry Lane Jumper Classic [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]

Sunday the final 1.15 Barry Lane Jumper Classic $10,000 took to the Olympic Arena and Szegda and her own Valotti VDL again grabbed the blue ribbon and their share of the prize money after turning in the fastest fault free rounds in times of 68.430 seconds and 35.224 seconds. The time allowed in the first round was 77 seconds.

Szegda commented, "The first round time allowed wasn't that tight and I had time. But the jump off round was pretty fast and I didn't even have time to think about it," she said. "But I wasn't nervous because I know Valotti and knew she would be quick," she said.

Cayman Szegda and Valotti VDL fly over a fence in the Olympic Arena [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]
Szegda and Valotti went in as the second to last to go in the class. Maisie Mcswain and her own Uppsala had gone as the sixteenth horse and rider team and had already set the second round time to beat at 35.365 seconds, well within the time allowed of 48 seconds. Szegda just beat Mcswain's time with her own 35.224 and secured the win.

Third place was awarded to Vigaro, owned by Christian Currey and fourth went to Falcon Ridge Stables' Captivate, ridden by Caitlin Howie. Fifth went to Braimer Road, LLC's Captiva, ridden by Courtney Goldstein and Neverland, owned and ridden by Thomas Beazley placed sixth.

Madison Massey piloted her own Smithwick to the seventh place ribbon and Hamiro, owned and ridden by Julia Curtis placed eighth. Annalice Weithofer and her own Photobomb placed ninth and Abigail Beaty and her own Via Dolorosa earned a tenth place finish. Avery Moore piloted Olympic Lad, owned by Korotkin Castlewood to an eleventh place ribbon and VDL Casanova, owned and ridden by Kaitlyn Smith, wrapped up the class with a twelfth place finish.
Cayman Szegda and Valotti VDL returned to the winner's circle for the last installment of the $10,000 1.15 m Barry Lane Jumper Classic.  Susan Benson presented a special award from Art of Riding to Szegda. [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]

Szegda has been riding since she has been five and currently trains with Megan Theil. "I always loved horses and wanted to ride when I was little, so my Mom let me take lessons," she said. "She [Valotti] is really awesome. When I got her she was kind of broken, wasn't jumping and she was a little nervous. She used to do the 1.40 m and my trainer worked with her and got her back. She's fifteen and the plan is that we're going to try out some Welcomes and go for the NAL 1.10 m Finals this year and see what happens."

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$5,000 Horseflight Welcome
Sarah Meier pilots Chanel over the Horseflight oxer on their way to the win in the Week I Welcome [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]

Sarah Meier of Lexington, Kentucky piloted Madison Dehaven's Chanel to the win in the Week I $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome, besting a field of twelve horse and rider teams.

The first round was set at 81 seconds and only three advanced to a second round opportunity. David Jennings of Franklin, Tennessee and Deerfield Farm LLC's Tyson Uno were the first to advance to the second round which was set at 45 seconds. Jennings and Tyson Uno turned in a clear second round with their own 36.126 and set the new time to beat.

Daniel Geitner of Aiken, South Carolina and Seth Vallhonrat's Conbalou followed in the order with their own clear first round, but a heart ache rail at the last fence in their second round in a time of 34.837 seconds would keep them from the blue ribbon.

Meier and Chanel went late in the class, but were the next pair to advance to a second round opportunity. Their fault free time in 35.940 seconds would take the win and move Jennings and Tyson Uno to second place and lock Geitner and Conbalou into third. 

Sydney Swarr of New Orleans, Louisiana and High Hopes Farm LLC's Carl Loui TSP earned a fourth place ribbon for their first round in a time of 82.150 which gave them two time faults and fifth was Michael Leon of West Hollywood, California and Kelly Sims' Charisma. The pair earned two time faults with their first round time of 82.939 seconds.

Sixth was Mary Meghann Huitt of Savanah, Georgia and Andrew Kocher's Tresor Platiere. Their first round time of 83.278 seconds earned them three time faults. Merideth Bryans of Newborn, Georgia, and her own Guidam Sid earned a seventh place for their four time faults and four jump fault finish in a time of 84.982 seconds. Geitner returned with the Kenwood Syndicate's Kenwood for an eighth and Thomas John Russell of Columbus, North Carolina, piloted Vick Russell's Ragnar to a ninth place finish as well as Shining De Reve to an eleventh place. Gretchen Vida's Krischan, ridden by Tim Maddrix of Leeds, Tennessee, picked up tenth and Camille Maynard rode Butterfly, owned by Tim Maddrix, LLC to a twelfth place ribbon.
Classic Company President Bob Bell and Awards Coordinator Drew Coster greet Sarah Meier and Chanel in the winner's circle [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]

Horseflight is the Official Equine Air Transportation Company for the Classic and Gulf Coast Winter Classics. An international horse transport company with locations in Greifswald, Germany, Califon, New Jersey, Ocala, Florida and Houston, Texas with branches in Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California, Horseflight is known world-wide for their attention to detail and professional service with your horses' safety and well-being as the number one priority. Horseflight will coordinate your horse import or export anywhere in the world, or the United States. 

Arenus Jr/Amateur Jumper Classic
Olivia Epple flies over the Arenus oxer on their way to the win [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]

The $6,000 Arenus Jr/Amateur Owner High and Low Jumpers [1.20 m and 1.30 m] welcomed fourteen horse and rider teams and it was fourteen year old Olivia Epple of Palmetto, Georgia and Livhaven Stables' Corini who took home the blue. The first round time allowed was 77 seconds and their clear round in a time of 68.169 seconds advanced them to a second round opportunity. The second round time was set at 48 seconds and Epple went clear, setting the new time to beat at 38.660 seconds.  Lilly Bennett of Atlanta, Georgia followed with double clear rounds, but her second round time in 39.784 seconds landed her and her own Zimba in second place.

Heather Zuber of Zionsville, Indiana and her own Firebird placed third and fourth was awarded to Falcon Ridge Stables' Limited Edition, ridden by Julia Tait of Marietta, Georgia. Caroline Michele Dugas of Birmingham, Alabama, rode her own Skyfall to a sixth place ribbon and Kasarr, owned and ridden by Erin McGuire of Cornelius, North Carolina, placed seventh. Eighth went to Cora, owned and ridden by Christina Couper of Weston, Massachusetts and Cuidento Z, owned by Sabina Holtzman and ridden by Carson Ruff of Jackson, Missouri, placed ninth. Kaitlyn Smith of Carmel, Indiana and her own S'Envoler earned a tenth place finish and Nanny McFadden of Germantown, Tennessee, wrapped up the class with a twelfth place finish with her own Catori.

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More information can be found at or you can reach out to their friendly customer service staff at 1-866-791-3344.
The Atlanta Fall Classics closed out yesterday and will continue into Week II on Wednesday, November 15 at the Georgia International Horse Park.  In addition to more than $300,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs over the two weeks of AA competition, Queen Sales is offering a $2,500 Rider Bonus both Weeks I and II. Reserve your stalls and enter today!

Week II:
$25,000 Sidelines Grand Prix, presented by EMO
$25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby
$10,000 Child/Adult Jumper Classic, presented by Elite Equine Sport Horse Medicine and Lameness
$7,500 Horseflight Open Welcome
Zone 4 Hunter, Jumper and Equitation Finals

Next Up: The 2018 Classic Company Shows!
All Green Hunter 3' and 3'3" Divisions at the Gulf Coast Winter Classics will again be offered for only $5 a Division in 2018 and will be qualifiers for next year's $30,000 Green Hunter Classic

The 2018 Gulf Coast Winter Classics, will again be offering the $5 SidelinesGreen Hunter classes AND the $5 Young Hunter Classes! For only $5 a class, riders and owners can earn the experience necessary for their Green Hunters and Young Hunters. All 3' and 3'3" Green Hunter Classes will also be qualifying events for the 2018 $30,000 Green Hunter Classic held at the Atlanta Fall Classic! Plan accordingly and check out the 2018 calendar of events!

The Gulf Coast Winter Classic Returns!
Come see why the grass is greener on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and compete on the world class grass Grand Prix field. [Photo credit:  Alison Hartwell Photography]

Set sail for the Gulf! The Gulf Coast Winter Classic Circuit  in Gulfport, Mississippi kicks off on February 7 through March 18 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where the grass is always greener! World class grass turf Grand Prix field hailed as the best in the US and compared to Spruce Meadows. Permanent stabling, complimentary riders' lounges, exhibitor appreciation parties and more than $1 million in cash and awards up for grabs! Be sure to add the Gulf Coast Winter Classic Circuit to your show calendar today! Don't forget: Only $5 a class for all 3' and 3'3" Green Hunter classes and Young Hunters! Get a leg up this winter for the second installment of the $30,000 Green Hunter Classic!

The Classic Company is a USHJA's Members Choice Award winner, recognized for producing top quality show jumping events in the United States. For more information on the Classic Company, the Gulf Coast Winter Classics, and their exhibitor- friendly, top quality hunter jumper events, please visit them at or call them at 843-768-5503.

All sponsorship and media inquiries should be directed to Lisa Davis Engel.
All program advertising inquiries should be directed to  Drew Coster.
Ride in Olympic style at the Georgia International Horse Park located in Conyers, Georgia.  The International Grand Prix stadium and a multitude of rings, permanent stabling and user-friendly facility provide the perfect backdrop to big prize money, award winning show management, thousands of exhibitors and some of the top horses in the country.  Weekly Grand Prix and Hunter Derbies with a class for everyone from lead line to Grand Prix, the Classic Company shows in Conyers are a must on your show calendar.

Connections Housing, Classic Company, and Delta Awards are giving away a free stall each of the Atlanta Spring Classics to one lucky participant who fills out their hotel reservation information.  Helping to track the hotel stays will help us with hotel participation.    Click Here
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